I did not even know I was practicing Yoga

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My name is Lisa. And I want YOU to know why it is all about balance and awareness.

I was practicing headstands, bridge poses and tree poses. – Because I had the urge to do so. I was starring without thinking, or thinking deeply. – Because I happened to do so. I just did not call it Yoga or meditation. Though, from my point of view of a sportswoman with her nose facing upwards, I kind of used to regard Yoga to be “sport for unsportings”. Anyways, today I practice Yoga every day. And I even call it Yoga. Which does not mean I practice poses, breathing techniques and meditation only.

>> Yoga means I move forward.<<

To me, it means I move forward. Yoga is not only a trendy way of doing gymnastics, but furthermore a life concept. A life concept including awareness of yourself and anything that affects you. It means to focus on things that will bring you light and to fade down the ones that push you back.

So far about Yoga. Now about me.

My name is Lisa Jöchlinger, born and raised in lower Austria, second of four girls. I’d say I am logical and grounded. I like to communicate, to climb and ski, to travel, to meet people and basically to experience a lot. And overall, I wish, that all I do is useful somehow. In my life, I feel like I am surrounded by the agronomy. – Starting from my parents and grandparents as farmers and a bunch of my former class mates from the agricultural university. Finally I am working at the agricultural marketing institution of Austria. And guess what? … I am dating a farmer. Speaking in words of a Yogini: That seems a major part of the focus and awareness I am into. So is sport. It was always a deep need to me. Yes, it has nothing to do with “I want to get in shape” or “I want to be healthy.” – Sport is something I really want to do, that never required much discipline or consequence. I actually never really knew what I wanted, except to experience a lot. That worked out pretty well: I climbed a couple of mountains, did a variety of jobs (I even was an organ model and a driver of a pumpkin harvester), I traveled numerous countries, went on exchange semester to a historical black college, representing 5% of white people there and just returned from my Yoga Teacher Training in Cambodia.

>> I did not wear a bra, I did not wear make-up, I did not even wear shoes! <<

During the three weeks in the Yoga retreat, I did not wear a bra, I did not wear make-up, I did not even wear shoes. And I did not have meat. For three weeks. – Yes, I count this as life experience.

I am very happy I recently became part of the women platform, a community of women with different experiences, talents and attachments, all willing to share them and to grow by other interesting women. Even though I do not regard myself to be a typical woman:

>> You cannot impress me with handbags and I would not kill for chocolate.<<

You cannot impress me with handbags. My luggage is usually minimum. Chocolate is nothing I would kill for. I neither use the word sweet nor cute for people or things. I take less time in the bathroom than my boyfriend. My diet or sport activities are not related to the goal of getting in shape. But enough of that … there is NO typical woman, but here is my call to the ones willing to grow:

Friends of the women platform, I invite you to practice Yoga with me. – Let’s move forward together!

Because balance and awareness will make you happy!